Table of contents Introduction • Crafting a personal brand • Networking like a pro • Building a professional portfolio • Effective resume and cover letter writing • Mastering the interview process • Conclusion Introduction Welcome to a world where the competition for jobs is #real. The job market is more competitive now than ever before....

Table of contents Introduction Reasons for Losing Top Talent Impact of Losing Top Talent Strategies to Retain Top Talent Conclusion on Retaining Staff   Introduction Losing top talent can significantly impact an organization’s performance and growth. Retaining top performers is critical to any company’s continued success. The following points discuss the reasons for losing top...

Table of contents Introduction • Benefits of Remote Recruitment • How Social Media is impacting Remote Recruitment • Challenges of Remote Recruitment • Ways to Overcome Challenges • Social Media as a Game-Changer • Conclusion Writing about A Call for More Emphasis on Social Media and Remote Recruitment in the Hiring Process Introduction Who said...

Introduction to mental well-being and its Importance in the Workplace Mental well-being is a critical aspect of overall health and a significant factor in the success of an employee in the workplace. It is the state of feeling good, both emotionally and psychologically, and being able to function effectively in daily life. In recent years,...

Introduction to Work-Life Balance In the modern era of globalization and information technology, the concept of work-life balance has gained tremendous significance in the professional world. Work-life balance refers to the balance between one’s work responsibilities and personal life priorities, including family, social activities, hobbies and personal growth. With the evolving work culture and increasing stress...

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers in emerging markets face a range of challenges that can impact their ability to grow and succeed. Some of the major challenges faced by FMCG manufacturers in emerging markets include: Infrastructure: Many emerging markets often lack adequate infrastructure such as transportation systems, distribution networks, and reliable power supply. necessary for...

Telecom Industry in India Telecommunications has enabled us to stay connected with each other like never before. From the early days of the telephone to the age of the internet, telecommunications has revolutionized the way we communicate. When it comes to telecommunication, there are many different technologies and products available to us. For example, there...

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With 27 years of experience in Talent Acquisition, our team is well-versed in the unique needs and challenges of each sector. They have specializations in various fields making them aware about a company’s hiring needs, thus providing and supporting the Organisations with the best professionals for their growth and success.

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Grown to be one of the leading Recruitment service providers in India within 27 years of incorporation, established in 1996, Athena Consultancy Services (Bharatjobs) is a group of professionals engaged in supporting our clients in their needs of Recruitment of professionals.
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